planning a parent's funeral with siblingsplanning a parent's funeral with siblings

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planning a parent's funeral with siblings

When our parents pass away, we have to try to deal with the loss, as well as plan the funeral and burial service. If you have siblings like I do, this time can become even more complicated, or it can be made a little easier. How do you divide the responsibilities? How to you resolve disputes? Sometimes, dealing with family after a parent has passed can be just as difficult as saying your final goodbye. For a few tips to help you and your family get through these difficult days more easily, visit my website. There, you will find a list of things that can help you get through it.

Creative Ways To Memorialize A Loved One’s Ashes

Are you looking for a creative way to memorialize the ashes of a loved one? If so, it will help to know these creative ideas to do it. Sky Scattering One of the most unique ways to scatter ashes is by sending them up into the sky. There are companies that specialize in this technique by inserting the ashes into a helium-filled balloon. This balloon is capable of reaching several miles into the sky, which is where the balloon reaches temperatures below freezing and then pops. Read More 

Options In Funeral Services That Help You Honor Your Loved One

When you're a close relative of someone who dies, you may be responsible for planning their funeral if the person didn't make their own arrangements in advance. The process usually has three steps. First, the body must be embalmed or cremated. Next, a memorial or funeral services are held, and then the body is taken to the burial plot for another short service, or the ashes may be spread in the case of cremation. Read More 

Considerations For Keeping Your Loved One’s Ashes At Home

Many options exist for cremated remains, but many people choose to keep the ashes of their loved one at home. Are you wondering where in the home is a good place, or what vessel would work best? Here are a few things to consider. Choose a Proper Container You will need to choose a container, but the container of your choice only needs to meet a few basic requirements. Choose a container large enough to hold the ashes. Read More