planning a parent's funeral with siblingsplanning a parent's funeral with siblings

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planning a parent's funeral with siblings

When our parents pass away, we have to try to deal with the loss, as well as plan the funeral and burial service. If you have siblings like I do, this time can become even more complicated, or it can be made a little easier. How do you divide the responsibilities? How to you resolve disputes? Sometimes, dealing with family after a parent has passed can be just as difficult as saying your final goodbye. For a few tips to help you and your family get through these difficult days more easily, visit my website. There, you will find a list of things that can help you get through it.

Four Types Of Funeral Homes And What They Offer

Funeral homes were first developed as a means to place a body inside a casket and to sell caskets. Viewing of the body and services were often performed elsewhere, but over time that changed. Now, most of a funeral occurs in a funeral home, as no one wants to have the deceased's body in their home for the viewing and then have to transport it out to a church for services and then again to the cemetery or mausoleum to be interred. Yet, funeral homes are evolving with the times, and there are now four types of funeral homes you can use for your end-of-life needs.

Viewing Parlors and Grief Rooms

This type of funeral home is the most basic. It usually consists of two or more viewing "parlors" where the bodies are laid out in their caskets and several chairs create rows in the room to sit. Some services may be performed here in the viewing parlor, if you arrange that ahead of your passing. This type of funeral home may also have "grief rooms" where people can go to cry in private and/or regain composure.

Funeral Home with Attached Chapel/Church

This type of funeral home takes things a step further by providing you and your survivors with a church or chapel in which you may congregate and have an actual mass or burial service. Chapels tend to be a little smaller and more intimate, but the funeral homes with attached churches can accommodate several dozen guests. There may or may not be viewing parlors just because the body is laid out in the church or chapel.

Funeral Home with Attached Masoleum/Crypt

Another type of funeral home that has emerged in the last couple of decades is the funeral home with an attached, indoor masoleum or crypt. These tend to be very upscale places with wall-to-wall marble and spaces in the walls for the caskets and urns. Some may go as high as three stories or more. Your burial service and viewing is held near your spot in the mausoleum/crypt where you will be interred.

Funeral Home with Attached Cemetery

This is old-school burial with a very European feel. After your body is viewed by friends and family, you do not have to travel far to your grave site to be buried. It is a popular option for people that want to cut their burial expenses since the casket can be wheeled or carried to the grave site instead of driven in a hearse.

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