planning a parent's funeral with siblingsplanning a parent's funeral with siblings

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planning a parent's funeral with siblings

When our parents pass away, we have to try to deal with the loss, as well as plan the funeral and burial service. If you have siblings like I do, this time can become even more complicated, or it can be made a little easier. How do you divide the responsibilities? How to you resolve disputes? Sometimes, dealing with family after a parent has passed can be just as difficult as saying your final goodbye. For a few tips to help you and your family get through these difficult days more easily, visit my website. There, you will find a list of things that can help you get through it.

Top 3 Things To Consider About Planning For Your Own Funeral

Have you ever thought about what might happen after you're gone? Have you given any thought to your final arrangements? For many people, thinking about or talking about funerals is something that's only done by the elderly. Unfortunately, it's possible for even relatively young and healthy individuals to become extremely sick or to get into a fatal accident. Giving some thought now to your funeral can help spare your relatives both time and money when your time comes. Some things that need to be considered include:

Cremation or burial? Cremation is, by far, the less expensive choice. A burial plot can cost several thousand dollars, in addition to the cost of the actual funeral, and could even double your final expenses. If your religious beliefs don't exclude cremation, you may want to consider this option. As with a more traditional burial, funeral homes can allow you to have an ordinary funeral, and even a viewing, should you so desire. Once the cremation itself has been completed, your relatives can either have your ashes scattered or have them interred. 

Flowers or not? Flowers can be a beautiful addition to a funeral. Unfortunately, they can also be extremely expensive. If you've ever ordered flowers for someone's birthday, for Mother's Day, or for any other reason, you know that even relatively small arrangements can cost over $100. Instead of having flowers at your funeral, you may want to tell everyone that you'd prefer for them to donate that money to your favorite charity instead. If someone does send flowers to your funeral, funeral homes will allow your relatives to collect the flowers after the service. You may want to instruct your relatives to donate your flowers to charity instead of trying to put them all on your grave. Some funeral homes will even handle the entire donation process for your family.

Prepaid funerals? Although prepaid funerals can sometimes offer more value for the money, they may not be a wise choice for everyone. For example, if you prepay for a funeral near New York City and then decide to move to California in a few years, it could be more trouble and expense for your relatives to ship your body back to New York than for everyone to travel to California for your funeral. A prepaid funeral can be great for an older person who is unlikely to have any huge life changes in the future, but it isn't as good for a younger person who may wind up accepting a job offer in another state.

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