planning a parent's funeral with siblingsplanning a parent's funeral with siblings

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planning a parent's funeral with siblings

When our parents pass away, we have to try to deal with the loss, as well as plan the funeral and burial service. If you have siblings like I do, this time can become even more complicated, or it can be made a little easier. How do you divide the responsibilities? How to you resolve disputes? Sometimes, dealing with family after a parent has passed can be just as difficult as saying your final goodbye. For a few tips to help you and your family get through these difficult days more easily, visit my website. There, you will find a list of things that can help you get through it.

How To Share A Cremation Service With Loved Ones Online

When you are planning a cremation service, it can be hard to reach out to loved ones who live far away. Friends, relatives, and other loved ones who live far away from where the deceased person is to be buried may not be able to make it to the cremation service. Those conversations can be emotional when people really want to be able to take part in the memorial service. One option that you now have thanks to the internet is streaming and otherwise sharing the cremation service online with those who can't make the journey to be there in person. Here are some ways that you can share a cremation service online.

Schedule a Live Stream of the Service

Let people know that a live stream of the memorial service will be available online. Be sure to state the exact start time of the service, and be clear on what people need to do in order to tune in. They may need to simply click a link, or they may need to enter a code. Make sure you know the exact requirements of the streaming service you use.

Share the Live Streaming Link on Social Media

If you are going to make the effort to live stream the memorial service for those who cannot attend, be sure to share the link on social media services and encourage other loved ones to do the same. That way, more people who knew and loved the person can learn about the live stream and tune in. When you share the live streaming link on social media, you may want to copy and paste a snippet from the person's obituary or other memorial write-up.

Make a Cremation Service Program Available

If people cannot attend the memorial service, they may still want to receive a cremation service program. You may offer to send them one prior to the cremation service if funds allow. If not, you may allow them to make a small donation to receive one. Sending the cremation service program prior to the service can make it easier for people to follow the goings-on of the service when they tune in to the streaming service.

Finally, keep in mind that people who cannot attend the cremation service will likely greatly appreciate that you made the effort to include them in the memorial service. Be sure to reach out after the cremation service to say that you were sorry that they could not attend and offer a link to where they can see the archived memorial service. You may be surprised at the expressions of sincere gratitude you receive from fellow mourners who want to celebrate the life of your loved one from a distance.

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