planning a parent's funeral with siblingsplanning a parent's funeral with siblings

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planning a parent's funeral with siblings

When our parents pass away, we have to try to deal with the loss, as well as plan the funeral and burial service. If you have siblings like I do, this time can become even more complicated, or it can be made a little easier. How do you divide the responsibilities? How to you resolve disputes? Sometimes, dealing with family after a parent has passed can be just as difficult as saying your final goodbye. For a few tips to help you and your family get through these difficult days more easily, visit my website. There, you will find a list of things that can help you get through it.

Reasons To Consider Cremation Services

More and more people prefer cremation over burial services. Cremation as a final body disposal process turns the body into ashes rather than internment below the ground. So, what makes cremation services popular in the modern era? Continue reading to explore the main benefits of cremation.

Less Costly 

The average cost of a cremation service is less than traditional burials. As per the National Association of Directors, cremation cost stood at $5,150 in 2019 compared to $7,640 for a burial funeral. Usually, internment below the ground requires a casket, a cemetery plot, and a headstone when considering the cost. However, these costs are unnecessary in cremation services. Thus, if you are on a tighter budget, it makes more sense to have a cremation service. Besides, you can use the cash you save to customize the funeral or organize spectacular ceremonies like a memorial. 

Improved Flexibility 

A burial funeral requires quicker planning and execution. Typically, the human body will undergo the process of decomposition after death. Thus, one needs to plan for a burial within three days unless with body embalmment. In some instances, organizing a funeral within such a short period may be overwhelming, considering the family is still grieving. The alternative would be to arrange for a cremation. There is no urgency for body disposal upon the cremation process. Instead, you can preserve the ashes and take time to organize for a memorial service or bury the ashes later. 

Enhanced Convenience

Cremation provides unmatched convenience to the deceased person's family and mourners. It is easier to carry the ashes in an urn than to transfer the body in a casket. Thus, you can reduce funeral transportation costs and logistics when opting for cremation. Besides, the world is increasingly becoming mobile. Therefore, moving around with an urn becomes easier than staying near burial locations. Also, cremation provides more options for body disposal. The family can decide to bury the urn, store it in a columbarium, turn the ashes into jewelry, or dispose of the ashes in the natural environment. 

Environmental Benefits 

Climate change has pushed people to become environmentally conscious. One way to express solidarity with the environmental conservation movement is by selecting cremation over burial. Essentially, cremation does not require cutting down trees to get caskets. Then, there is no need to set aside productive land for cemetery plots when the world is experiencing a population bulge. Should you decide to bury the ashes or place them in a columbarium, you would still need less space. Notably, burials require formaldehyde, a synthetic chemical used in the embalming process.

Cremation is a cheaper, flexible, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative to burials. You can take advantage of cremation benefits by engaging a funeral home offering the services.